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inji software provides the best CRM tools to enhance your customer relationship through managing customer interaction, tracking leads, and streamlining the process.

Why inji Software ?

  • Convert more leads
  • Make online business software
  • No.1 online CRM system
  • Automate your everyday business process
  • No BIG investment
  • Pay as you grow !! Monthly !!!
  • Cloud Software
  • Best Invoice App
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What all you get in the Best CRM Software?

CRM Leads Management Software

With inji Software you can increase your lead conversion as it organize all the flow of leads so that you can optimize the sales. You can even track you leads with online CRM lead management tools for better view of the process.

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Online Best CRM Invoice Application

Online invoicing provides us a better, secure and easy way to communicate with our clients as you can sent invoices through email. inji software exclusively designed invoices have 100+ predefined  professional templates to choose  from and even allows you to personalized invoice as suited to your business.

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Manage Orders with Top CRM Tools

CRM feature in inji Software allow to centralized all your  handling aspect for order life cycle from order captured,  fulfillment, shipping, payment process and right till delivery. This helps to maintain transparency  through out the process.

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Contact Management Software in CRM Software

Contact management software provides you with an extensive amount of data to store all types of customer details such as customers, suppliers, vendors, clients, etc. along with demographics such as email, location, age, gender, etc right on your fingertips.

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Email marketing

inji software provides highly effective digital marketing strategies by enabling you to send email to your prospect and customers. It provides you with the most direct and effective CRM platform to connect with your leads and to nurture them through email.

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Manage Expenses with Simple CRM

You can track the growth of your business by managing expenses with CRM functionality. inji Software allows you to manage and track all your expenses against sales and even analyze them. This helps businesses to track ROI against the expense and to strive for growth.

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Manage Payments with Best CRM

inji Software provides you with the most simple, smart, and effective way to collect a dispense payment. With CRM tools you can create a comprehensive way to manage payments for every transaction with a payment due date alert on the dashboard

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Manage Profit with Best Accounting Software for Small Business

Online accounting software of inji software provides a simple and powerful interface that helps your business to track all the profit related to each deal and by the salesperson. This helps you to get a clear idea of your fund growth in your business.

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Reminders and Alerts

This  CRM features don’t allow you to lose track of things and helps you to stay organized. inji software allows you to create a reminder for a specific job to do. You will receive email alerts for late payments. follow up, appointment, and much more.

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Manage Customer Feedback

Collecting Customer feedback  is very important as it show you value their opinion. inji software not only collect but its CRM application allows you analyze their feedback and take ideas from them for future product development.

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Generate Free CRM Reports

One of the key benefits of using inji software is the ability to create a detailed CRM report. It’s CRM application allows you to create reports on running months, week or day of leads, transaction expenses, and many more so that you can analyze the progress and the area which needs attention.

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Built in HR system with Cloud CRM

inji software is the best CRM system as it is customized for HR management. It helps you to manage all Hr related working in one single interface such as employee details, payroll, offer letter etc with it best CRM application. 

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Online Accounting software

inji software provides a perfect CRM platform for accounting. inji provides a convenient way of recording, storing, analyzing and reporting all financial information with its accounting system and reduces time spent on manual processes.

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Sales Automation

The best CRM software you can automate the sales process, collect data of customers and make it easily available while interacting with customers to support sales. This helps to increase the quality and speed up the sales cycle.

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Client profiling with CRM application

inji software provides you with perfect CRM tools for gathering all the information for accurate client profiling and even group these potential clients according to your categories. This helps your to target them with specific strategies.

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 Instant Notification system with Mobile CRM

 With this CRM feature allows you to send messages to your employee’s system so that they never miss any important information. This application can be used to improve internal communication as messages are received regardless of the system they are using.

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Vendor management

inji software provides you with equipped CRM tools to establish strong relationships with vendors. It empowers you to drive the best value from your vendors and to leverage the relationship for achieving excellence service with best cloud CRM.



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Easy Task Management with Simple CRM

Simple CRM system provides some great CRM application to keep you on top of your customer relationship. This CRM feature of online CRM allows you to organize your workload for easy follow up, so that you never miss a step. It allows you to manage and view your task from dashboards.

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  • NO Installation required
  • NO Setup Required
  • NO Risk
  • NO Manual Work
  • NO manual Follow-up
  • NO BIG Investment
  • NO Long term commitment
  • NO Waiting time.
  • NO additional Software
  • NO Server /Hardware Investment












inji Software is the best CRM software for all your business needs with the simple and robust features which can be customized as per your business requirements, and with a price tag of only $9/ month.

  • All in one solution for all your business problem.
  • Cloud CRM for mobility and easy access
  • HR and Employee Management System
  • Quotations, Express Invoice and online Accounting Software
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With inji software  you can set your accounting system to sent out invoice automatically at specific date and time and get paid faster.  Online invoicing CRM platform provides you with 100+ predefined professional templates to choose from and even allows you to customize according to your business requirement.

  • Send invoices to your customer immediately.
  • Send reminders to the customer.
  • Better invoice tracking.
  • Get paid faster with best online invoicing.
  • Save time and money.
  • Download the Invoice in PDF.


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Quotation helps you to provide a customer with a detail list of your product or service yo offer. So its very important that your quotation are accurate and updated. inji software allows you to send your quotation directly from your CRM app.

  • Send Professional Quotations and Invoices in a minute.
  • Easy to keep track with mobile CRM.
  • Make changes to the quotations on the go as per the customers’ requirements.
  • Create Customized Quotations.
  • Increase Conversion.
  • access anywhere, anytime with cloud CRM.
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inji software provides a excellent interface to schedule and track all your business actives such as leads, sales cycle, delivery, appointment, etc.It even sent you email alerts regarding the upcoming activities, so you don’t miss them via mobile CRM application.

  • Get graphical CRM reports of all activities.
  • Real time tracking with Cloud CRM, inji software.
  • Get overdue delivery status to take reform actions.
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inji software comes with inbuilt online accounting which you can easily create and update customers between your CRM and accounting system. No need to implement addition software for accounting purpose.

  • Manage all your expenses and payments
  • Get your receivables vs payable CRM reports
  • Real time tracking of all your payments
  • Manage your profits with simply accounting
  • Reduce error with best accounting software.
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The implementation on inji software will empower the entire organization to work efficiently. Task management system provides a CRM solution to ensure all the tasks such as sales, marketing , appointment , etc are managed and completed properly.

  • Create an assign tasks to employees.
  • Track the progress of the tasks via simple CRM
  • Send Reminders and Notifications of due task
  • Automated update of task with online CRM
  • Easy customization task priority.
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Inji software provides you with a HR tool which allows HR information to be stored, process and report upon when required. Its CRM application provides a platform where you can easily manage all the information of your employees.

  • Manage Payroll and Salary
  • Manage Attendance History with CRM database
  • Manage and Store Documents in the employee account
  • Manage leaves and holidays with best CRM solution
  • Review employee’s performace.
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Reviews help businesses to develop their service and product. inji software provides you with the best CRM Tools to generate reports and review various aspects of your business for better development of your business in future.

  • Customize Review Questions with best CRM integration
  • Automate Review Collection
  • Review Flow Management with best CRM solution
  • Review customer feedback.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Best CRM System ?

CRM Customer Relationship Management  Software is an tool or strategy that helps you to connect your different departments, from marketing to sales to customer service, and organize the their notes, activities, and metrics into one cohesive system. It also stores and provides easy access to customers’ data but also manages the full progression of customer interaction

What are the advantages of implementing Best CRM system for Travel Industry ?

CRM software is a very useful tool for business to run smoothly. It tracks and manages all the communication your business has with the prospect and customer. It flags the opportunity so you can nurture or follow up for conversion. 

Here are the few of the advantage of implementing CRM software:

  • Maintain centralized data.
  • Maintain all communication and  interaction with prospects and customers.
  • Reminds you of follow up with prospects.
  • Easy to organize contact data.
  • Helps in customer segmentation
  • Creates Reports for better analysis

What are the basic features of Best CRM System ?

As we know CRM software helps to boost sales by keeping a close eye on customers from nurturing leads to closing deals by maintaining customer loyalty.

Here are the basic features to look for in a CRM Solution.

  • Contact management:  To store contact details such as  name, address, social media accounts etc in a searchable way for easy access.
  • Tracking:It stores and tracks all the interaction history of the customer  to document conversation for easy sharing.
  • Lead management: It provides CRM tools to easily  manage all the process of converting prospects into potential customers by identifying,scoring and moving leads through the sales pipeline.
  • Email Integration: This CRM features allows you easy management and segmentation of the contact list and even centralized the data for cross collaboration.
  • Document Management: It allows you to collect, upload, store and share documents in a centralized location making it easier to share the information without risk of losing data.
  • Pipeline Management:CRM application provides you an overview of the entire sales pipeline with the current status of each stage in the funnel.
  • Workflow automation: With the best CRM system you can automate the repetitive task by creating workflows that send follow up reminders for the next action.
  • Reporting: You can get a summary report of sales, sales rep performance on weekly, monthly or yearly basis as per business requirement. This report helps you to analyze the problem so that action can be taken at the right time.

What are the benefits of reporting feature in Best CRM System ?

One of the key benefits of a CRM solution  is the ability to create detailed reports. CRM tools provide all the data on your finger tips, which helps you to run your business more efficiently and even helps in making decisions.

Let’s learn some of the benefits of detail reporting with CRM Software

Track Employees Activities: Online CRM system allows you to monitor and track the activities of your employees daily, monthly or yearly and are reported to have a bigger view of each employee’s working load.

Manage your leads: CRM software with detailed reporting capability not only captures the leads but it also visually shows the details such as where your leads are within the sales cycle and which prospects are pending. So that you do not miss any opportunity.

Monitor trends: With a CRM report you can analyze the trend as it  provides you with exact information of where your leads are coming from like websites, email campaigns or offline marketing so that you can modify your strategies according

What are the Advantages of using the Best CRM System on mobile devices ?

The benefit of a mobile CRM system is the ability to access data while out in the field meeting with prospects and customers. Ability to access the data by all employees irrespective of the time or device.
Below are a few benefits of using mobile CRM.
Increase productivity
Increase in sales
Shorten the sales cycles
Flexibility to choose multiple device
Improve in data quality

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The software is very easy to use and we are very much organised way after using this software. Wonderful stuff.

Dennis KuoGM holidays, China

I must thank TravelCRM for making our day-to-day job much easier in a fantastic way. It helped us to increase our sales by 30% per month.

CharlesAltas Holidays, India

The lead management system is very powerful and it serves to our requirement 100%. We follow-up our customers on-time.

Achim Fr GoldmannMohak Holiday, Germany


5 tips to choose best CRM System for your Business

With a thousand CRM software available in the market, it’s quite challenging to choose the right CRM Solution for your business. Making the wrong decision can cost a lot to your business in terms of time and money. You need to invest a lot of your time researching the type of CRM solution you want as per your business requirement. Enormous benefits will be lost if you fail to choose the best and most appropriate CRM Software for your business.

Here are the 5 tips to choose the best CRM software

1. Features of CRM software

Your business requirement will dictate the kind of CRM solution and its features. Many features are common in all CRM systems like contact management, automation, etc while some of the best CRM have different features such as the ability to integrate with third parties. So know what features you need in your CRM software to meet all the business requirements.

 2. Easy to use CRM System Application

Choosing the CRM system which has a steep learning curve is big no. This makes it difficult for your employee to use it efficiently. Adopting complex navigation and features of CRM systems that are not user friendly can blow up your business and your CRM system will be less efficient. Not all the employees can ace to operate this complex CRM system and you may lose alignment with the team and lose data.


3. Integration with best CRM Software System

A best CRM system always provides you with a perfect interface where you can work in harmony with existing software. You need to have seamless integration with other software for better performance of the business as it automates the action and expands the function of your system and eliminates the need to toggle between systems.

 4. CRM software that saves your time.

The greatest advantage of implementing a CRM system is the ability to save time on customer communication. A good CRM software records all the history of customer’s interaction and makes it easily available to the employee to have a summary of the customer history for quality service. So you need to evaluate the system to check if it is fulfilling the basic purpose and helping the organization to achieve the goal.

 5. Product Demo with CRM Software System

It’s highly advisable that you should ask for the product demo with the vendor before buying it. Through this, you can test the limits of the CRM features. With a demo you can actually taste the weakness and strength of the CRM tools and whether it can be helpful for your organization or not. You need to make most out of the demo by investing your time and tasting around the clock for the fullest utilization of the CRM system.


Selecting a CRM system is essential for your business. The above-discussed point will help you to choose the right product but make sure you invest your quality time doing the research and test process.

Key benefits of implementing Best CRM system in your business

Every business in this world is driven by its customers. So implementing a CRM system has become essential to manage your customer more efficiently. Customers are the first priority of business as they are the main and direct way to promote your brand for business growth. Besides, customers are also responsible for bringing revenue to your company, and their feedback helps to develop your business.

So the implementation of best CRM software enables you to understand your customer in a better way and even helps to tailor your business operation or product to satisfy their needs. Here are some key benefits of CRM system offers to your business.

  • Improved Customer relationships with CRM Software System

CRM system helps you to build a strong relationship with customers. Online CRM platforms allow you to understand more about customers, their behaviors, and their preference by tracking their activities on social platforms. Businesses can use this information to increase customer satisfaction. With the right product and services which meet all the needs of the customer, will help you to create loyal customers through it.

  • Better customer service with best online CRM System Application

CRM software is designed to support exceptional customer service. When a customer contacts your company to resolve some issues. Cloud CRM records all the previous interactions with customers and supplies your employee with enough information to efficiently address the customer issue and provide quick service.

  • Automation with CRM software

Hundreds of small daily tasks must be completed to operate your business properly, such as forms to be filled, reports to be sent, legal issues to be addressed, and many more. These tasks are important to perform day to day activities but very time-consuming. With the best CRM automation features, you can automate most of this daily task and can take some of this burden off from employees. So employees have more time to focus on their organizational goals.

  • More effective marketing strategies CRM Software System for Travel Agency

Implementation of CRM solutions leads you to have more effective marketing strategies. CRM tools provide all the essential information of customers on your fingertips. By analyzing this information you can tailor your marketing campaigns to target their needs and address them. This helps to maintain a loyal customer and even helps to generate new customers.


  • Improved internal communication CRM System Application

Online CRM systems enable different departments to communicate more efficiently to meet customer needs. Data is easily shared and more efficiently across various departments as all the data is centralized with cloud CRM. With CRM software you can onboard all your business needs to keep your customers and prospects happy.


The key to giving what customers want is by understanding them and the CRM system just does that for you. It facilitates your business by providing efficient CRM tools that provide you and your customer ease of communication, organize data, better service, automation, and many more.

So building good relationships with customers is every business’s number one priority. And this is exactly what inji software does the best- helps you to maintain a great relationship with customers, by treating each and every one individually and not forgetting about them by automate alert and being there when they need it.

Advantages of sales automation in Best CRM System software

In organization, the sales team faces numerous challenges from generating leads to converting them to sales. A sales cycle typically starts with a lead generation and ends with a customer payment. There are many tasks in the sales cycle that are repetitive but need to be done to keep the sales cycle running. This repetitive task not only brings boredom but also drains the time and efficiency of the employee to perform important tasks.


The solution to this issue is sales automation. Sales automation features in CRM software take all the time consuming repetitive tasks that are performed daily, weekly, or monthly and automate them. It even helps to eliminate human error. Here are the few advantages of sales automation in CRM software for your business.


  • Identification of potential customer with best CRM software

CRM features have a defined filter criterion that you can set up according to your business requirement to select the potential clients and customers.With this feature, you have a high chance of making successful conversions as you know who you are targeting. And can strategies your sales pitch relevant to their preference or interest.


  • Forecasting  with CRM System Application

Best CRM system with sales automation features provides your business with the CRM tools that can aid your business to make accurate sales forecasting by calculating used quotes, orders, or opportunities. It also uses revenue as well as booking revenue to forecast sales.


  • Managing Orders with online CRM Software System

Sales automation features of CRM systems allow you to streamline the entire order procedure and even allows you to cut down the unnecessary step or paperwork which provides the sales team more time to sell the product. It also boosts your customer satisfaction by helping you to deliver the product timely.


  • Automated Reminder with best CRM System Application

CRM systems help employees to remember tasks in their do to list. CRM tools allow you to create a task and assign it to any other system, the task assignee will get an email notification. It even sends you an automated email to remind you of the follow-up, meetings, appointment, etc.


  • Up-selling and Cross-selling with best features of CRM software

Tougher and harder competition in the market can ruin your customer loyalty and thereby affect the business bottom line. With sales automation in your CRM software which store and show all the history orders of your customer and create automated and customized email campaigns for up-selling and crossing-selling of your product.


Therefore by using sales automation of CRM software you can essay note down the leads and convert them into the business. This will enhance the progress of your business and efficiency. It automates most of the sales process, giving the sales team more time to sell, managers more time to manage, and companies get more productive output. You can access all the sales process from one platform i.e one sign in, without having to sign in different systems.

inji software fulfills all the substantial reasons for using a sales automation with CRM system in your business and helps you to stay at the top of the league.

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