Best CRM Software

Inji software is designed with top CRM tools that cater to your business to foster strong customer relationships and improve sales and retention by providing a perfect interface for a quality conversation with prospects and customers.

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CRM Software Features

Customized lead Form

inji software provides an easy to use form builder. This CRM featureenables you to customize and even allows you to add more fields in lead capture form as per your business requirement.

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Sales Automation

With best CRM system you can simply automates all the repetitive tasks, activities, and documents as they are very time-consuming. This helps to enhance productivity, increase sales, and improve revenue.

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Lead Management

This CRM feature to capture and keep all your leads from all possible sources in one place, track their activities and behavior and nurture them until they are ready to purchase. It provides a real-time position of leads in the sales pipeline.

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Lead directly from Website

Easy to customize the lead widget form in a couple of clicks with best CRM application. You can use the form in any of your website or Google Ads or Facebook Ads landing page.

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Workflow Management

Optimize your business process through seamless workflow automation of CRM system. It makes a complicated process easier to manage and boosts your business efficiency by adding a layer of structure and visibility to your workflow.

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Lead from Ad landing Page

Helps to cater or reach a new audience or close more deals just by creating a lead widget on any ad landing page. More leads mean more conversion and more sales with  CRM integration.

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Follow up Reminder

Easy follow up with your customer on time with best CRM app. An automated notification will be displayed on your screen about the action you need to perform like seeing for meeting or appointment.

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Graphical Reports

Create 10+ different graphical reports which are easier to absorb and understand by the employee for proper analysis of the reports with CRM data and to have clear insight of all the process

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Performance Monitoring

Allows you to get insight into how your employees are performing by tracking each employee’s lead process from capturing leads to lead conversion etc. with simple CRM.

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No leads or opportunities will be missed  with automated notification CRM feature. It automatically sends the email to the employees reminding them about the follow-up, meeting, appointment, etc.

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Lead History

You can store all the lead history such as follow up, call, appointment, etc whether the lead got converted or not with best cloud CRM. This information is made easily accessible for future purposes.

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Lead Widget

Game-changing lead generation form. You can customize the lead widget form as per your website such as color, number of field inquiries. Information is directly stored in your  cloud CRM. account once the customer submits their inquiry.

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Lead Email templates

Allows you to choose from the predefined professional template and can even customized them according your business requirement with CRM tools. Send them to your client via email and develop a good brand image.

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Bulk Lead Assign

Provides you the best CRM application to easily transfer the bulk of assigned or unassigned leads or task of one employee to another employee with just a few clicks. Provide easy, quick and efficient lead assignment.

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Lead import

You can easily import lead directly from excel sheets to your CRM system. This provides accuracy as you don’t have to manually import the leads, eliminating the human error.

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Important features of Best CRM software

Why is CRM software important for business? It plays an important role in the organization as it bridges the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the product or service that business offers

Salespeople have to deal with already warmed up prospect customers as they have a wide option to choose. Salesperson and to introduce further information or action to close deals which can be very complex for them. With a good CRM software, your salespeople stay on the same page, no matter how spread they are and can even streamline the whole sales activities in one single place for better visibility and practice. It provides you with documentation of each and everything you do without extra effort.  


Here we are going to discuss important features if CRM software and its benefits


Lead Tracking with best CRM system

A best sales CRM software provides you with all the CRM tools to track the source of the lead and even get you an overview of the source of the lead. This information helps you to organize the marketing campaigns or send leads relevant to their interest.


Lead Management and follow up tracking with Best CRM tool

CRM systems help in identifying and learning more about the leads by proper segmentation and nurturing them through the life cycle stage and even by scoring the leads.

Best CRM has a feature known as follow up tracking which mark of the call or email is added to the CRM system as soon as a salesperson contacts a prospective client. So you can have clear information of whom to send next follow up.


Reminder with Top CRM software

CRM software reminds you of a certain customer who has not contacted you for a certain time, appointment, meeting, follow up, etc with an automated reminder. You can add a deadline to the task that has to be completed in a certain time frame.


Data Import and export with online best CRM  system

A business has to import customer information for multiple reasons. Cloud CRM allows you to import all your contacts directly from Excel to the CRM system just in a click. You can even import all your contact details into email automation for easy communication


Sales Forecasting with best CRM tool

With these CRM features, you can predict upcoming sales and conversion based on existing CRM data. So that you can set a benchmark for upcoming sales and estimate the revenue and can strategies steps to achieve it.


Integration with Email Automation tool with Top CRM software

 It is one of the most important CRM applications as it enables you to evaluate the reach and impact of your campaigns. You can even create a customized contact list in the CRM software and sync this list with email service.

It also provides an overview of the client profiles, the email campaigns they have received, and their reaction to it.


Sales dashboard only in best CRM system

The dashboard provides a quick overview of your monthly sales. It even allows you to add graphs, charts, and indicators on the dashboard to identify the trend in the sales process. You can track the performance of each employee on the dashboard.


To manage thousands of leads and to track all the activities in business such as meetings, follow up, appointment, performance, etc you need comprehensive CRM software.

Inji software is the best  CRM software that has all the above-mentioned features and even more.

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