Best Accounting Software System

With best accounting system you can easily automate your organization’s  transaction  for efficiency and fasten process with modulus such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, etc. And accurately manage all the cash flow, transactions, expenses  etc. of the business from one single system.

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Accounting Software Features

Profit Management

inji software provides you with a simple and powerful CRM platform where you can easily manage and track all your income and expenses at a single place. Ensure that your business earns a profit.

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Send Cash Receipt to customer

With the best CRM feature, you can create, store, and send recipients for the cash you received. inji software has 10+ cash receipts templates to choose from so you can easily go paperless with it.

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Customer payments

inji software provides you a simple and powerful CRM platform where you can manage all your customer payment details in one single place. Even sends an automated alert to your customer as the due date approaches near.

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Customer payment Reports

Get insight into customer payment history with advanced CRM reports for a particular period and particular products and maintain clear transparency.

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Vendor Payment

inji software can easily manage all the vendors’ payments. As its CRM cloud feature allow you to log in to CRM system  from any device and can pay the vendor irrespective of time or place.

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Vendor Payment Reports

You can easily generate excel and graphical reports backed by CRM data to get the clear insight of all the vendor payment history for a particular time or product for better and easy analysis.

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Receivable and payable reports

Insight of payable and receivable is essential for businesses to analyze all the funds to cover the cost. CRM feature in inji software enable you to create a detailed report within a click.

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Expense Management

Provides a simple and easy CRM system to monitor and manage all the expenses of the business. You can even track and categorize this expense into categories according to the business.

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Customer vs vendor payment

inji software provides you with a simple and easy accounting system where you can monitor and track your both customer and vendor payment at one single place. And provide an overview of all the payment at once.

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Top 5 benefits of implementing best accounting software in your business

Accounting is a very crucial part of the business so every business requires accountant or accounting software to manage the business. With the advancement in technology, software companies have developed accounting software with GST ready CRM features to help businesses to run smoothly. Cloud accounting software is important as it helps to track the success of the business. It stores all the information which gives a clear view of business financial health. Using accounting software helps businesses to use their resources efficiently and can reduce costly mistakes.


Here are the 5 benefits a business can get through accounting software

1. Speed of Completion with small business accounting software

With an accounting system, you can boost your accounting process with greater speed than a manual process. Allows your business to increase efficiency by introducing automation. With CRM tools in accounting, you can easily configure to record all transactions for each entry automatically.


2. Reduce overall cost with most cost effective small business accounting software

Due to the boost in speed and automation of the accounting activities, this allows each member to do more in a given time. The smaller team needed to do an overall task. Helps to reduce payroll and administrative cost in the accounting department by implementing simply accounting.


3. Provide accurate Reports with best small business accounting software

Online accounting software provides you with timely and accurate financial information such as cash flow, expenses, etc in a report. Best CRM has an inbuilt CRM tool where you can create a stunning report simply filling the form or clicking the buttons.


4. Improve Accounting Accuracy with online small business accounting software

The important benefit of an accounting system is increased accuracy by eliminating human error in calculation. The manual bookkeeping process has a high chance of making mistakes. A single incorrect calculation can cost a lot to the business. So with Cloud CRM software can eliminate these mistakes.


5. Easy Tax Filing with top small business accounting software

Filing your business tax can be very frustrating as you have to keep track of all the transactions. With the best CRM software, you can easily file your business tax as all of your financial information is stored in one place which is easily accessible.


The accounting system has plenty of benefits to offer your business. Above mentioned are the top benefits that can convince you to use them. Simply accounting  helps to convey any information which is important to your business. You can even cater your relationship with customers by wishing them on their birthdays, anniversary, etc with data stored in your CRM system and send reminders for outstanding dues. CRM software helps businesses to make their accounting and other business processes easy, time-saving, effective, accurate, and productive.



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