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inji software helps you to create a professional and accurate quotation with its best CRM tools for quotation software to impress your clients and helps in more conversion of the deals. You can easily streamline and automate the proposal and request for proposal process for sales operation.

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Quotation Software Features

Professional Quotation

Creating accurate and professional quotations is the most important part of the business. inji software provides you a simpleCRM tools interface to create stunning and converting quotations just in a few clicks.

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Download Quotation as PDF

You can easily download any of the quotations in PDF format and send them to your customer through email with best CRM. PDF format makes sure that it cannot be edited and ensures that your quotation is present as you intended to.

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Quotation to Invoice

Saves time by enabling you to convert quotations into an invoice with a click.  With CRM platform, all the information in quotations is copied in the invoice, no need to manually enter the information.

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Quotation Reminder

You can set a reminder regarding the action of your customer towards the quotation you have sent them. This CRM feature helps you to take the correct action for the next step.

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Customer change Request

Customers can propose a request to alter or change in quotations. This request is directly updated in CRM software  and will notify your employees to do the recommended changes.

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Multi-Currency Quotation

This CRM tools allows you to create stunning and professional quotations in multi-currency. This feature enables you to target international markets. inji software supports 180 currencies modules.

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Approve/Reject Quotation by Client

It provides a simple CRM interface for customers, where they can easily approve or reject the quotation within a second. So that employees can take quick action on the customer decision for further process.

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Customize quotation format

Create quotations of your style and customize by adding a suitable logo, color, or theme as per your business-standard with best free CRM. Helps you to stand out in the crowd.

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Work Management

Provides a simple and robust CRM interface for the business to manage all the quotation related activities such as changes in the quotation, customization, sent, and a reminder for quotation in a single platform.

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Benefit of Quoting software for business

The value of Quotation software is being recognized worldwide. Quotation management is a crucial part of the sales process as it helps to streamline the quotation process with high efficiency and provide a seamless experience to customers. Quotation ensures that your brand is presented professionally to clients and customers. The best quotation management software helps you to organize workflow, provides seamless integration, and improves team productivity.


Here are the benefits of Quotation software


1. Streamline Quotation Generation with Quote system

It allows you to generate an error-free quotation, as it automatically fills all the details of the client and product in the right format. Eliminate the error which could have rise due to manual entry


2. Use templates to deliver faster quotes with best online quotation software

You need to be very fast to get the quotes to the client otherwise they might choose to go with the first company they get quotes within their budget. Best CRM system proves you with a predefined template that you can directly employ to reduce time lag.


3. Easy create Customized configuration with best quote system

Manually managing the personalized configuration is a nightmare as more the option and categories more are the chances for making mistakes. And the sales rep has to spend a lot of time filling in the information. So invoicing software gives you control over the process of personalizing quotations for clients. It can directly import the data from ERP and CRM platforms so that you have the latest information. You can easily manage all the adjustments and easily customize the quotation with its CRM tool.


4. Present Accurate Quotes with Quotation software

Inaccuracy can put on a deal on hold which seemed like a close deal. The benefit of online invoicing is that it deals with all the information with care. It creates accurate quotes for every customer. The customer you serve has a relation to the business, so every quote needs to be accurate to nurture and develop this relation for business growth.


5. Automated process with top quote system

With Quote automation you can execute some tasks more efficiently. A time that sales steps spend on doing monotonous work such as entering details of customers, entering contract parameters, etc can be automated and done more efficiently. And give extra time for other important activities.



Best quotation software allows you to spend more time on your client by lessening your time spent on paperwork and proposals. This approach enables you to win your customer as you get time to build a strong bond with your client. Inji software is the best quotation software as it provides an easier, faster, and better way of quoting and billing for products and services.

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