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inji software is the best small business software and tools that equipped you with all the CRM tools and features to work smartly and help your business to reach new heights. All in one solution for all your business needs to organize and maintain customer data in a single platform.

Take your business to the next level with the help of the All in One Business Software.

Features of Small Business Software

Simply Accounting Software

Easy to invoice, track expenses, set up recurring bills, manage customers and vendors. It is very easy to use, affordable, and yet very powerful online accounting software.

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Invoicing software for small business

Organize and automate the invoice process with the best invoice software.  Create and send a professional invoice to your client within a minute with its predefined templates.

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Payroll Software for small business

Keep your employees happy with a streamline payroll process and automate the management of employees’ salaries, bonuses, and reduction with its CRM tools.

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Lead Management Software

Enables you to automate your lead capture and distribution, tracks them, and even forecasts the sales leads with top CRM. Helps to acquire more customer by lead scoring and nurturing them

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Customize Dashboards

Allows you to add options such as metrics, filters, and data to the dashboard as per your requirement with CRM app. you can choose the metrics to be displayed on the board

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Contact Management Software

Store contact information of your customers and vendors such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles to accelerate your sales and market flow with contact management system.

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Sales Forecasting with top CRM

Provides accurate sales forecasting with the proper analysis of the historical data, industry trends, reports, etc.. This CRM feature helps you to make informed business decisions.

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Analytical CRM tools

This CRM tool provides you with an overview of the entire workflow, so you can analyze properly and pinpoint the areas where the improvement is needed.

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Cloud CRM Solution

Best cloud CRM provides you seamless access. Easy to access the system at any time from anywhere and even automate the day to day tasks.

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7 factors to look when choosing best CRM for small business


Small business has become an essential factor and plays a huge role in the growth of a country’s economy. They provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create employment.

CRM software is the one tool that helps small businesses to grow. Choosing CRM software has never been easy due to plenty of software available in the market claiming to be the best and can be overwhelming. You need CRM software when your business starts to grow because with growth in the size of your business your number of employees and customers will also grow and can be a little problem some to handle this efficiently.

CRM sytem is designed to handle your growing organizational needs by collecting and maintaining your customer data in one single platform.


Here is the list of the factors you need to look while choosing CRM software

 1.Cloud vs On-premise for small business CRM software

The most critical factor that depends on your decision is how you want to deploy and access your CRM software that i.e cloud or on-premise. In Cloud CRM system data are hosted and managed by vendors and can be accessed over the internet using a web browser and movie app whereas on-premise CRM system data is hosted on a local business server and needs a computer system to access it.


2. Ease of use with best small business CRM software

CRM software should be easy and simple to use so that every employee can easily adapt to the system. IT should be fast to configure and should easily import and export any form of data. Choose CRM system which is flexible to sync with your existing system


3. Right Functionality with top small business CRM software

You should choose a CRM software which can solve your business problem and helps you move closer to your goal. You need to list out the right functionality in the CRM software that will serve your business the best.


4. Customization with robust small business CRM software

 Every business is unique in terms of their area of business, process, etc. A CRM software must fit your unique business and should handle all your sales process efficiently.

So customization is the solution to fit the CRM software according to your process. With best CRM software you can customize how the information will be laid, add new fields, customize the pipelines and automation and even control who will view the information.


5. Mobility with cloud based small business CRM software

Your employees are constantly on move like having meetings with clients, appointments, etc. and get less time to spend in front of the system. It’s important to choose a CRM system which you can access remotely. So that your employee can update important information immediately from the field.


6. Security with small business CRM software

Customer data are very crucial for your business. So choose a CRM solution that puts security forefront and has strict security standards. Most of the CRM software is cloud-based so they work hard to protect data and prevent cybercrime. Your data is backed and strongly encrypted.


7. Affordability with small business CRM software

 Budget plays a big role in all your business decisions.. So while choosing the CRM system for your small business you need to analyze all the aspects of the CRM services. You need to calculate the long term cost and analyze the benefit it offers on the money you have spent on it.


If you are looking for small business CRM software, you no need to look further as you have come to the right place. inji software has all the great functionalities, large customization options to fit your business process, good security and is very affordable and is best CRM for small business. You can scale all your business operations for better visibility of the progress.

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