Contact Management Software

inji software helps you to create and foster a strong customer relationship with its capabilities to communicate through multiple channels. You can quickly narrow down the contact of your choice and contact multiple client at same time with a ease. Helps you to stand on your customer’s expectation with its robust  CRM tools.

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Contact Management Software Features

Storage of Contact

Best CRM software makes it easy for you to store and retrieve contact information for future purposes. Store unlimited contacts with inji software.

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Easy to Create Contact

CRM application of inji software enables you to easily create a contact or group them into a particular folder for organization within a minute.

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Easy to Categorize Contacts

You can quickly categorize the contacts into folders such as contact by name, job title,company, etc with online CRM. This makes it easy to search when you need it.

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Tracks Contact

 CRM application allows you to track all the contact information of the customers such as their interaction, product or service purchase, challenges faced etc. and combine all this information to create a unified customer view.

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Contact History

With this special CRM feature of inji software you can record past conversation, set follow up reminders for upcoming events, link important to your contact information and can even expand your contact information with customizable fields.

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Easy Customization

You can easily create, manage and filter your contact data with cloud CRM. It even allows you to create a separate private contact from the contact application. 

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Auto fills the contact

The best CRM features in inji software is that it never forgets the contacts and auto fills the invoice when the same customer makes the payment.

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Built in easy CRM

With the best cloud CRM system you can easily update the latest important contact information into the system any time from any device at any time.

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Import contacts from EXCEL

With the CRM feature you can easily import all your contacts to your CRM system directly from Excel. No need to manually enter the data and eliminate the error.

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Top 6 benefit of Good Contact Management software

Contacts are the hearts and soul of the business. We exchange business cards as it is the most integrated part of communication in business. The most important goal of business is to retain customers and foster them for upselling and cross-selling of the product while finding a new one. Relying on spreadsheets and emails to store the contact list can be the worst for your business as it has a high risk of losing contacts. As this old technique doesn’t fit in this new business world where every process needs to be easy and quick in order to reach the customer before another competitor does. Contact management software, with its best CRM application, is the solution for the above-discussed problem as it allows you for automation, integration, and tracking. This gives you a complete view of your customer with their activities.


Let’s look into the top 6 benefits of good contact management software.


1. Easy to pull and sync with customer contact management software


Contact management system allows you to import contacts from emails, mobiles, social media, etc. You can even export all contacts to other platforms easily. CRM systems even allow you to track all your contacts and cobble them together in one single platform for easy access.


2. Easy to search with customizable customer contact management software


Contact management software complies with all the information of the contact and provides an easy and efficient way to search it when required. It even allows you to define the search criteria such as file name, buyer persona, campaigns, location etc.and provides an easy and fast approach to search for information.


3. Tracks user behavior with online customer contact management software

It’s important for the business to learn about their customer behavior. When you integrate a CRM system with a contact management system it provides you with the detailed insight of our customer and prospect activities on their website, email, and app. Using this insight you can analyze their behavior and spot the pattern of their buying behavior, so that you can tailor your offer or marketing campaign devouring their needs.


4. Automated Emailing with best customer contact management software

Now you don’t have to spend ample time sending thousands of emails per day as the customer management system in CRM software automatically sends all these emails in a click and eases your pain. It allows you to prepare a list of contacts whom you want to send the email and just need to click send.


5. Top customer contact management software’s features to improve customer experience

Contact management software provides you with all the customer information such as their history of interaction, product purchase, social platform activities, preference, etc. All this information helps you to respond to their queries quickly. This CRM tool even helps you to make better conversation with customers and impress them with efficient and timely responses.


6. Prepare for a meeting on the go with customer contact management software

A contact management system gives you access to all customer and prospect information so you prepare well for the meeting. This helps to make sales calls more confidently with all the necessary information on your hand. CRM features even allow you to update all the information on the CRM system from wherever you are. Helps to maintain a real-time updated information.


Contact management systems not only support upselling or cross-selling through but also support mouth to mouth referral through satisfied customers. Therefore Contact management systems help to evaluate collaboration, integration, increase productivity, and help to raise the satisfaction level of customers.

Now you have the top benefit of implementing CRM software. If you are not using CRM software to manage your contacts then its the right time to check inji software.




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