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inji software has rich invoicing software features which provides you with the best CRM tools to easily create stunning and professional invoices for your business and send easily through email and get paid faster.

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CRM Software Features

100+ Invoice Templates

Over 100+ predefined professional templates to choose from to create an awesome and highly converting invoice with online CRM system . Helps you to save time.

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Send Invoice via Email

It allows you to send invoice to your customer quickly through email directly from the CRM software . Since data is centralized so no need to manually enter the details.

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Download invoice in PDF

Provide an easy and professional way to invoice the client. Just download the customizable invoice templates in PDF , fill it and send it to your clients with best simple CRM.

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Easy Invoice Customization

Online invoicing provides you a 20+ customizable option for the invoice templates such as add or remove quantity, product details, and more  and helps to maintain consistency and professional image.

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Flexible Tax Entry

inji software provides you with the right CRM tools for entering the right amount of tax as per country with its flexible tax entry features. And helps you to maintain basic policy.

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Recurring Invoice

inji software allows you to send the invoice to your client with its best CRM features at a regular interval such as weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi annually or annually containing the same details.

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Invoice Payment Reminder

Use invoice payment reminder in inji software to never miss a follow up on client for outstanding payment and get paid faster. This CRM application automatically sends a reminder to the client as the date approaches.

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Balance Payment Reminder

With inji software’s balance payment reminder will make it easier for you to get paid for balance payment. As its CRM tools automatically sends a reminder to the client regarding the balance payment before its due date.

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Overdue Payment Reminder

inji software provides you with overdue payment reminders. This CRM application helps to remind your client to pay their due at the right time.

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 Graphical Reports

With CRM feature you can create a stunning and awesome  graphical reports. CRM reports provides you a easy way to get insight of the job, sending invoice and tracking payment .

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Scheduled Payment System

Top CRM software allows you to set up a scheduled payment where your customer can choose the amount and number of payments at regular schedule occurrence.

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Create Express Invoice

inji software has a perfect interface which lets you create stunning and professional invoices, send and even manage your invoice easily. And even provides CRM tools which allow customization according to your business standard.

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Importance of Online invoice generator Software 

Invoice helps to keep records of the sales. It allows you to track all the details such as the date when the purchase, money paid, and outstanding amount. Invoice proved to be a very important tool for the accounting system. You can even track employees’ performance through it. Invoice can be written by hand or in WORD or EXCEL, but this will lack the professional look which is very important to create a strong brand image of your business. Invoice software helps you to create a professional invoice with its CRM application.


Let us take deeper insight on why invoice software is important


1. Fast and simple with invoice creator software

With online invoicing, will your client’s details such as phone number, address, payment terms, and preferred payment method are stored in the cloud. All you need to do is select the client whom you want to send the invoice and enter the amount of the product you provide, select the due date, and click send.


2. Everything is stored on the cloud with online invoicing software

With Cloud CRM you never have to worry about losing the client data, invoices, or any other data. As every data you enter in the CRM system is automatically stored in the cloud.


3. Automation with best invoicing software

With this CRM feature in online invoicing software you can set up a recurring payment for long term clients. The CRM application sends you a follow-up and payment reminder for upcoming due dates.


4. Establish Brand Identity with top online invoicing software

With the best invoice creator software you can add your business logo, color scheme, and fonts that match your brand’s motto. This helps you to strengthen your identity so that you can get paid faster. You can even customize the message according to your product or business requirement.


5. Deals with many currency and language with the best invoice creator software

Cloud CRM invoice software supports multiple currencies and languages for a quotation. it provides a perfect CRM platform which allows both user and client to select their preferred language and currency to be displayed in invoice. This CRM feature allows you to enter the global market much more easily.


Irrespective of the size of your business, with today’s market increasing competition, the business has to look for a way to save time. With online invoicing software, you can create a stunning, and professional invoice within a minute. It helps to create a positive image and impression of your business. 

Inji software makes your invoice process faster and error-free with a best online invoicing CRM tools



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