Productivity is the only way to measure the efficiency of production. Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand. All businesses thrive for higher productivity because higher productivity means higher chances of profit with the lower operating cost. The most important and only way to increase your business productivity is through customers. Businesses need to focus on retaining the customer by focusing on their needs and treating each of them uniquely. CRM software is designed for your business to give more attention to your customer the moment they walk in. CRM system provides you with the best CRM tool which makes personalization simple through integration with social media and various other platforms.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 CRM software to boost productivity.


1. Top CRM Software reviews of inji software

inji software is one of the most client-centric, as your business needs to satisfy your customer needs to increase business productivity. This cloud CRM software provides you with 360-degree vision for every client and their queries so that you can satisfy your customer above and beyond. inji software allows you to store customer’s details, accounts, leads, etc in one place. It streamlines the entire sales cycle which helps you to close deals faster and reach your target faster which increases the revenue.

 Let us learn about the CRM features which help your business to boost productivity.


  •  Accounting Management

inji software has the right account set up for your clients, you can handle all the operations such as offer, query, etc. This online accounting application helps your manager to work more effectively and assist clients quicker. It even allows you to do account listing and segmentation to have a better understanding of which accounts bring more leads.


  • Online Invoicing Software

With the CRM application of inji software, you can offer your prospect or client with a discount on a future purchase or offer additional products or services to them through invoice and convert them into leads. Invoice software helps you to send invoices to your customer regarding the due date, product detail, and even allows you to send invoice regarding a new program or project of the company.


  • Contact Management

With inji software, you can track all your contacts by monitoring the customer’s activity timeline on various social platforms and their lead score to strategies the right way and time to reach them. Contact management software provides you with meaningful and useful information which helps you to close your deal quickly


  • Email marketing

With this online CRM you can integrate email marketing with the CRM system. This helps you to provide transparency as you can track and have real-time insight into customer behavior.With inji software you can even see which prospect customer has opened your email as well went through the data. This helps sales reps to tailor the pitch as per their needs.


  • HR system

The most important CRM application of inji software is the HR system which supports and manages all your employee training and development, identifying the gap, resource and appraisal management, payroll, etc. at one single place. This CRM feature can be used to analyze your employee performance such as who responds to clients fast, maintains a positive tone, and has a proactive approach.


  • Customer profiling

inji software offers a unique CRM feature known as customer profiling. This feature has a social listening CRM tool that enables your business to identify the market segment with most potential clients and helps you to understand their needs and reach them through their preferred channels.


  • Consumer Review management

inji software provides you with the best CRM application to easily monitor, analyze, respond to comments and queries of customers across multiple channels through one single platform to improve business performance. With proper analysis of the customer review and feedback, you can pinpoint the area where you need to work.


  • Notification System

inji software allows you to create, add, schedule, and manage all alerts from one single platform and send automated alerts to your user and customer about the upcoming events. You can even track the message to guarantee that message is delivered.


  • Reports

This CRM feature of inji software provides you with a proper analysis of your customer base which will help your business to grow. It has the best CRM reporting feature which provides you with in-depth reports. It provides details of every section in business such as product overview, sales numbers, marketing strategy performance, employee performance, and even the prediction of your sales targets


2. Top CRM Software reviews of ZOHO CRM

 ZOHO CRM is an online CRM software designed to manage sales, marketing, and support all in one system. It provides you with CRM tools and resources to capture leads directly from your website, to track sales activities, manage email marketing, and allow easy access to customer information. You can customize the  CRM system as per your convenience.


3. Top CRM Software reviews of Nimble

Nimble is a CRM solution for social sales and marketing that enables your business to store and organize all your contacts. It provides you with the best CRM tools which allow you to create tasks, follow up, track activity, send trackable templates to your targets, streamline the pipelines of all the activities, and more.


4. Top CRM Software reviews of Insightly

Insightly is a simple and powerful CRM software designed for small businesses only. Provides a strong CRM system that allows you to access information about contact including their emails, history interaction, any other important updates. Insightly offers seamless integration with other systems such as Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook so that you can capture Snapchat of your conversation.


5. Top CRM Software reviews of Streak

Streak is a CRM software specially designed for Gmail users and helps to organize all your emails. This CRM software can be used to manage sales, email supports, hiring, product management, event planning, and more.



For the business to succeed you not only need to work harder but also need to work smartly. The above discussed CRM software helps you to succeed in your business by providing you a smart and effective way to handle all the processes and increase their efficiency. But inji software is the one which I would like to recommend to you. Inji software is a reliable and affordable CRM software, which can be installed easily. It provides you with strong CRM features to develop a strong relationship with customers, by creating a personalized customer experience. inji software provides 100% automation which is very cost-effective as most of the work will be done automatically with minimum error and more time for employees to work on important issues. Hence increase the productivity of the business.